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Oh my goodness, I haven't logged in here in ages! I'm so sorry, everyone - study has pretty much taken over my life. I think I underestimated exactly how intense this degree would be, and whilst I'm enjoying it, every waking moment is spent with my head in books. Unfortunately this means there's been absolutely no time for graphics, and probably won't be any time for them until December when the uni break begins. Perhaps then I'll be able to whip up a few pieces for you guys :iconflowerdanceplz:

I notice that I've got about a gazillion notes, haha! If something is super important, don't hesitate to drop me an email (, as I'll only be checking my dA account weekly or so until the end of the year. You can also just send me an email if you have a graphics question (or a totally off-topic random personal question; whatever floats your boat) or just want to chat. :meow:

Also, feel free to send me some ideas for graphics you'd like to see me create - I always save a few of my favourite suggestions from you guys and consider creating them at a later date. :la:

Okie dokie, so that's all from me! ~
Well, unfortunately the title really sums it up. :c

So, to cut a long story short, all of a sudden things have gone up a notch (or ten xD) with my university workload, and I'm barely keeping up with my studies. I also got a job this week - which I'm really excited about - but this does add to my already super-full plate and thus I'm going to have to place all graphics orders on hold.

This means I will not be taking any new commissions until further notice. 
If you ordered something from me on HL (or you're on my waiting list on HL), I will send you a private message (don't panic, you won't lose your coveted spot on my list!).

I'm hoping I can get my workload under control soon, but as the 2nd university semester has only just started (and doesn't finish until late October), I can't guarantee that. :c

I hope you all understand. :heart:

- chelsea 
Okie dokie, so, I've been alerted of what seems to be a roleplaying website that is using a great deal of stolen artwork from deviant art, including one of my pieces. 

As it's a very small (looks like only a handful of users) Polish RP site, I suspect that the author doesn't quite understand what it means when a work on deviantart is 'copyright' and has just found the images and thought they would suit his/her characters. Thus, I'm not going to send a gazillion angry emails to them, and intead just send them a polite request informing them of what they've done wrong, and asking if they could remove my artwork from the site.

NOTE: If you can't find my artwork amongst all the other copyrighted ones that seem to be there, look on the far right side and scroll down quite a way. It's my work, "Now It's Time".

However - two issues; 1) they don't appear to speak English, and 2) I can't find any contact information on the site. So, if you are able to find an email address or some form of contact for the site author, please absolutely let me know. Also, if you can speak Polish, please let me know, as I don't and I'll need to have a correctly-translated message sent to them.

P.S. I'd rather if you all didn't bombard the site author with a million "ERMAHGERD YOU STERL ARTWERK" comments (as amusing as that would be), as that tends to just stir people up and doesn't really solve the problem. ;)

Commission Info

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 10, 2013, 5:46 PM

Commission details are below.

PRICE: $10
PAYMENT: I take payment by Paypal only. It's ideal if you can make the payment in AUD, but I will take payment in USD if need be.
POLICY: Your order can be as simple or as complex as you wish.
EXAMPLES: See my gallery for examples of my work.

Step 1: After placing your order, I will begin working on it. 
Step 2: When it's complete, I'll send you the completed work with a watermark over it. If you're happy with it, I will ask for payment.
Step 3: Once I've got your payment, I'll send you the un-watermarked full-size version. If you'd like any derivatives (e.g. avatar/icon, desktop, SIM game layout, etc), these will be sent to you as well.
Step 4: You may now drool over the finished piece! :la:


Slot #1: hlpedin - in progress

dWarped Journal CSS is based on the Warped template design by Six Shooter Media. It's avaliable here at deviantArt under the Creative Commons Attribution v2.5.
GUESS WHAT GUYS. My 18th birthday is in 6 days. SIX DAYS. :iconcannotevenplz:
This realisation only just came to me; I've been so busy lately that I actually forgot my birthday was coming up. Birthdays were much more fun when I was younger. When I was little, my parents would sneak into my bedroom at midnight and stick a crapload of balloons to the ceiling and sprinkle sparkles and confetti all over the floor. This all seemed great in theory but in reality, the balloons freaked me out because I thought they looked like floating heads on my ceiling (you would too if it was midnight and the moonlight was shining on lots of large, round objects above you). And then the next day my parents realised they had to clean up all the damn sparkles that were stuck in the carpet. Not all of them came out with a vacuum cleaner, so we had to actually get the carpet professionally cleaned at a later stage. 
So that fun little birthday idea cost me my sanity, and my parents $150 in carpet cleaning fees. Happy birthday!

But at least that was something interesting. As a person gets older, birthdays start to decline in their fun factor. My dad's 50th birthday was not long ago, and his workplace celebrations were pretty dismal. Someone was supposed to bake a cake and bring it to work, but either they were crap at baking and the cake failed or no-one could be bothered, because there was no cake on the day. Apparently his workmates felt bad for him, so they went to the cafeteria and bought him the first thing on the menu for lunch (a tofu and white bean salad), stuck a secondhand candle in it that they found in the staff room, and left it on his desk. Happy birthday - let's celebrate with some tofu salad accompanied by a dodgy pre-used bacteria-infested candle that most likely won't light. ENJOY~

Oh but look at how negative I'm being. Let's fix that. There's one amazing, beautiful, fantastic thing I adore about birthdays. You only get the chance to do this once a year, on this special day. It's like a ritual. A ritual that will serve you well for years to come. It is, of course; ADDING TO THE RE-GIFTING CUPBOARD. Oh yes. I've received some pretty dodgy presents in my time (read: bent plastic flowerpot ornament; statue of a frog with a crown; various other items I saw at the local $2 store the next day, etc). And the legendary re-gifting cupboard is where they all live. You can thank everyone for their rubbish presents and pretend to be grateful, and then joyously add them to the cupboard where they will sit, until it is their time to come back out and be re-gifted to someone else for their birthday. Preferably not the same person that gave the item to you in the first place. I'm pretty sure that the person who gave me the bent plastic flower doesn't want it back anyway, so I'll reserve that glorious gift for some other lucky soul. In our house, we talk of the re-gifting cupboard very seriously. Cue dramatic whispering - "The Cupboard is low on stock; we may actually have to go out and buy presents for people this year" :iconreactionplz: :iconglarefaceplz: :iconreaction2plz:
If the cupboard is low on supplies of crappy presents, it's an urgent situation and the only way to rectify this is to host some sort of event where we can invite a heap of people and tell them all to come bearing gifts. We did this for my birthday once - for my 14th birthday, the cupboard was dangerously low on stock. So my mum told me to throw one hell of a birthday party and invite at least twenty people and make sure they all brought presents. They did, and luckily, 90% of those presents were rubbish (pretty sure that was the year I got the statue of the frog with a crown), and thus the legendary re-gifting cupboard was once again re-stocked. We could all exhale, knowing that we wouldn't have to actually go out and buy someone a present for at least another two or so years. Because that's what birthdays are all about, right?


So guys, tell me. What is the worst birthday gift you've ever received? And, even better - do you have your own re-gifting cupboard? ~

This week has been insane, really. It's been university orientation week, which means I've been constantly in and out of uni all week via the train. Let something be known: I'm not good with trains. Not because they're uncomfortable, or of the threat of brake failure at any time (because I'm totally not referring to the bizarre sudden brake failure of a Queensland train a few weeks ago. :iconseriouscatplz:). No, I'm more concerned about the minor things. Like getting God-knows-what disease from touching the germ-infested handrails. Or being squished from the stampede of businesspeople that have places to go and people to see and therefore seem to believe they may freely stomp on my feet in order to reach the 'Open Door' button. I usually just tolerate it, except for yesterday when that stampede happened to be mostly businesswomen wearing pin-sharp heels. Note to self: wear armoured steel boots on train.

But at least Australian trains are better than the French underground Metro system. Oh, god. In one word: chaos. If I managed to actually find the correct train to start with, 90% of the time I'd be late to the platform (technically my fault) and have to dive into the closing doors to get onto the train. Yes, dive. I saw another French man dive into the train one day, and he did it quite well, only just managing to fit between the closing doors. The day came when I was late at the platform and had to dive into the train myself. Be like the French man, I thought. It'll be easy, I thought. But of course as soon as I heard the 'Doors closing' alarm, I threw all etiquette out the window and was all "GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU FOOLS". I (somehow) made it on the train as the doors shut. I was pretty pleased with myself; then I accidentally stood on someone's foot, then fell onto a srsly fat man (the upside: my fall was cushioned). All the while in the background there was lively accordion and guitar music playing from a live music quartet in the carriage. People were either thinking "Oh look at that graceful, elegant tourist navigating the metro system like a true Frenchwoman" or "My god, who is that imbecile". I suspect it was the latter.

But back to Australia.
We have another type of public transport - no, not a bus. It's called the CityCat, and it's basically a very fast, very large ferry that goes up and down the Brisbane river, stopping along the way to pick people up or drop them off. Not only is it speedy and efficient and always on-time, but if you choose, you can stand at the very front of the boat in the open air and have a Titanic moment with your arms up and the wind in your hair. Or you can wear a billowing Batman cape and stand there all serious as your mode of transport takes you to your next mission location. And if the person next to you is talking really loudly and annoyingly on their phone, no problem - you can just grab it off them and conveniently throw it overboard. For increased effect, I suggest doing this whilst wearing your billowing Batman cape. And all this CityCat public transport brilliance is only a mere couple of dollars each way. Incredible.

And I feel that on the CityCat, there's less chance of you catching some disease from all the germs. There's almost no handrails and the space is far bigger than that of a train carriage or bus, which allows people to spread out and less germs to be passed around. After taking the train I feel the need to go home and bathe myself in antibacterial hand-sanitizer - no so with the CityCat. :heart:

So, tell me, petals. Do you have the luxury of being privately chaffered everywhere by your limousine driver, who I presume is named James? Or do you catch public transport most of the time? And most importantly: were you a member of the businesswoman train stampede on Tuesday night, more specifically the one with the really sharp black heels that nearly split my foot in half?


SO, quite a bit has been happening here lately!

Bad news first - ex-cyclone Oswold (yes, they really did call it Oswold. My reaction --> :iconwtfisthisplz:) moved down the east coast of Australia, and basically just put everyone into limbo for days as it passed. We copped no damage to our house or street, except for a minor roof leak, but the worst bit was the wind. It was incredible, absolutely gail force, the doors were shaking and I heard tree branches breaking and it was all quite frightening, it was impossible to sleep with that outside my window. We live a few streets back from a bay, and unfortunately the houses right along the waterfront didn't fare so well, they were flooded from the crazy amount of rain we received. The reason I haven't submitted any artwork lately is due to the power outages - the power was constantly blacking out (and thus, the WiFi internet too).
If anyone here lives further north, like in Gladstone or Rockhampton etc, please let me know if you're okay... I know those towns copped it very badly. :(

Today though, it looks like it's passed us (finally) and has moved on. So, time for some good news!
A couple of weeks ago I found out that I got into my #1 university choice! I'm so excited, uni starts in mid-February, so it's not too far away. We had to pick lecture times online, and it was this crazy mad rush. By the time I logged on, a lot of the really good lecture times were full, so I ended up with the so-so ones. Heck, at least I didn't get stuck with the 9:30pm lectures. I pity those poor souls.
And then there's the textbooks. HOLY GUACAMOLE. 6 months worth of business textbooks? Oh that'll be almost $500 thanks. I was like, lol no, I'm not paying that for 4 textbooks I'm only going to use for the first semester. Then I realized it was all too hard to try and hunt them down secondhand... so I paid it. :iconheaddeskplz:
So I guess next semester (July-Nov) I'll have to fork out yet another $500 for 4 more. And then because the degree goes for 3 years... SO MUCH MONEY, OMG. I probably should've bought them secondhand. Or just stole some. Whatever works.

In other news, 2013 will be a big year for other reasons. Me and my super-awesome mum (just incase she's reading this :meow:) are looking to start a homewares business this year, as a partnership. I'm not quite 18 yet (July 4th couldn't come soon enough!), so I of course legally cannot run one on my own. I really can't wait. Doing a business degree will really help me in this venture and means mum doesn't have to worry about doing all the business-y bits and pieces she's not fussed on (spreadsheets and stock management, etc... I make it sound so uber-fun, I know). I'm in the process of preparing a business plan for her to read over, and if we both agree on it, we can get the ball rolling! :happybounce:

Lastly, graphics news! Now that we have power back and the cyclone has moved on (it's now heading towards Sydney), I can begin working on graphics again. Expect to see a rather complicated custom order I received be uploaded soon... it's certainly challenging me, but I don't mind. Oh and my 200th deviation is coming soon! It will be a personal work, and I'm hoping to make it rather epic! :3

The last time I posted a bunch of interesting things about me was, like, a year ago. So of course now that it's the new year, it's time for you all to get to know me even better! :la:

1. I like things that smell nice. It's almost an obsession, really. Flowers, perfume, candles, those little perfumed sachets you put in with your shoes to make them smell semi-decent, etc. I think I own so many bottles of perfume I could start my own perfume fountain.

2. I like stationary. I think it's also because I like being organised, so I've got everything categorised in boxes and all that. I like everything to be color-coded, and I can easily spend a good hour in a stationary shop buying more color-coded pens and boxes that I really don't need.

3. I like old pens. I have a small collection of calligraphy and fountain pens, and some of them have come from my travels in France and Italy. I love the way they work, how you have to keep dipping the pen in a pot of ink, it's such an old-world but really beautiful way to write. I don't use them much - in all honesty I use my colour-coded biro pens from the aforementioned stationary shops - but they're nice to look at.

4. I find space travel, planes and anything to do with space really interesting. If I had the smarts for it, I can only imagine what it'd be like to work at NASA or something. I think it's amazing how planes operate and how the universe and the solar system operates, too. As for aliens, not so much. Yes, there's life out there, but I hate to break it to you - it's probably just signs of bacteria, not little green people. :3

5. I'm a teeth nazi. If I don't brush and floss my teeth twice a day every day and use mouthwash as well, I go crazy and think I'm going to have a cavity by tomorrow morning.

6. I like herbs. I don't really like cooking, but for some reason I like herbs. I have a little herb garden that I (try and) take care of, with basil and parsley and all that in it. I love how you can just throw a couple of parsley leaves onto a dish that looks like what my dog ate for breakfast and all of sudden it becomes MasterChef. The powers of parsley.


You guys must all be so sick of the constant journal entries from me. So here's another. :trollface:

I'll be back in Australia on Jan 6th, so that means I can get back into graphics again; hurrah! I can't wait, I've missed my beloved Photoshop. And I noticed my pageviews have dropped off dramatically while I've been away, so obvs my popularity has plummeted xD I promise the art will start rolling in again soon!

Since I leave soon, I may as will give my final verdict; France is amazing! The desserts, the shopping, the cafes, they're all amazing. I will admit two things are starting to get to me - the fact that everyone here smokes, and the subsequent litter on the ground as well - and since Australia has the toughest anti-smoking laws in the world and is crazy clean, it's very very different. But there's so much to like about France, that those things don't matter too much. I adore the language, too; if only I was fluent!

Now, back to dA. I haven't spoken to a l lot of you guys for a while! So, I'd love it if you could all offer your suggestions regarding what you'd like to see in my art when I get back - any specific horse coat colors you'd like to see, any specific themes, etc? Let me know your ideas! <3

Bonjour everyone!
I'm in Nice at the moment, but we're leaving for the French alps tomorrow. If you've ever been to Chamonix (The 'x' is silent, I believe), tell me what you thought of it, because that's where we're heading to do some skiing! After three days there it's back to Paris for 2 weeks, and then I come home.

ahhh it's going to be freezing in the alps, I'm not really looking forward to it! I like cool weather, but not bitterly freezing cold weather, and considering the temp there was -9C a few days ago (and that's the maximum at, like, 2pm), I will certainly freeze. It even said somewhere that it'd be -19C at night. JESUS. :iconscaredcatplz:

Can I just say, on another note, Monaco is the most amazing gorgeous stunning country on earth. I mean, I was there for all of today, and I was there this time last week as well, but already I'm in love with the place. Here are a few pictures I took from up near the Palace, overlooking one of the ports there:……
Oh and some of those massive yachts (on the far left of the 1st picture, around the middle of the 2nd one) are for sale. One was for sale for the low, low price of only four million euro! Bargain of the century! /sarcasm

I also wanted to mention a few things about my graphics, too, while I'm here. I have some new year's 'graphics resolutions' as such, for 2013. BEHOLD:

1. Create one super-duper detailed graphic for my 200th deviation. I plan it to be one of those ones I work on for weeks, I want it to be really special.
2. Have a go at some realism attempts
3. Branch out more with creating interesting horse markings and coat colours (oh how I'd love to be one of those manipulators that can turn a bay horse into a strawberry roan sabino with three stockings and facial markings and dappling and brindle, all done perfectly -sigh-)

So, that's all from me for now! I noticed my premi ran out, so that's a bit of a bugger. I was enjoying having one of those again, but oh well xD
Anyway, I'll update you all again soon! ~

updates (from paris!)

Sat Dec 1, 2012, 8:33 PM
Top Bird

Hi guys! I've finally now got access to Wi-Fi now that we've arrived at our apartment we're staying in here, so I can update you all again!

Paris is beautiful as ever, and it barely gets above 5 degrees celcius during the day around this time of year, so I'm loving it! It's all fluffy coats and boots and scarves, yay <3
The flight, however, was not so beautiful. The first leg of 7hrs was tolerable but I was getting cramps and whatnot towards the end and we were allocated the seats right behind the seats for people with infants. Classic. So I had three babies infront of me, and if one wasn't wailing, one of the others was. Worst case scenario was when they were all wailing at once. The even worse case scenario was when they were all wailing at once and the batteries on my noise-cancelling headphones died. :iconcupcakedogplz:

So then we had to hang around Singapore airport for 3hrs while we waiting for the next flight from there to Paris. Singapore airport (it's actually called Changi airport, I believe) is pretty cool, I must say. They have a butterfly enclosure with a waterfall and everything, and a big koi pond as well. And a slide that drops you 4 storeys at 6m/sec. But I was too busy taking painkillers and desperately looking for a bottle of water that didn't cost the same amount as an average yearly salary. Once I'd eventually given in and spent some ridiculous amount on water it was time for the second leg. Oh my god. It was 13 of the longest hours of my life. No crying babies, luckily, but instead I lost my phone on the plane, began to feel like I'd been run over (several times) by a large bus, and I now realise I caught a cold from the guy behind me who had it. The poor guy was coughing and sneezing through the whole flight, and just when I realized there was a 100% chance I'd catch his cold, I turned around and saw that he looked like he'd just walked out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue. And I overheard him talking in a French accent. Instantly forgiven.

Towards the end of the second leg I found my phone (it had slid back on the floor to Mr. Ralph Lauren Model), and I felt a lot better knowing that the flights were finally over and we were, at last, in Paris. There was an awful lot of heavy fog covering the airport runway though, and after silently begging the pilot to just land the god damn plane, sure enough he landed it safely through the fog. Just looking out the window I could see how cold it would be outside, and I was right; it was freezing, I think it was 1 degree celcius when we landed at 7am. It was so nice to be out of the Australian heat for once though, so I soaked up the cold weather like a sponge. :heart:

Once we got to our apartment we're staying in, we went out for a coffee and croissant. Oh my gosh, the croissants. I had three. And they were huge. So while my digestive system may not be too happy about that, I certainly was, because they were by far the best croissants I'd ever had. If you're ever in Paris, go to Cafe Constant and try one of their croissants. Not now though, because I've eaten all their stock. :meow:
The apartment we're staying in is beautiful, too, and the owners were so lovely and even gave us a bottle of champagne and biscuits. The apartment is actually quite close to the Eiffel Tower (the top of it can be seen through the windows), and there's some lovely little fruit markets and things around the area too.

So, that's really all I have to say. I was so exhausted from the flights that I crashed at 3pm, and woke up at 2am and decided to write this. Now that I've got some sleep I feel a bit better and hopefully I'll feel even better as time passes and the effects of jet-lag dissipate. I apologise for the crazy length of this entry, but I don't have a diary or anything with me so I'm using dA journals instead xD Anyway, I'll post some pictures ASAP, and do my best to keep you all updated!

TL;DR - the flight was unpleasant, I love croissants, Paris is beautiful ~

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Sun Nov 25, 2012, 5:41 PM
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This will probably be my last journal entry before I leave, but luckily I just bought a Macbook Pro (READ: I'M FINALLY OUT OF PC-LAND) and will be taking it overseas with me, so I can still be active on here while I'm over there! I don't have Photoshop on it, though, so I still can't take any orders or trade requests until I return. ;)

Oh, and, I now have AIM again! I'm erraticstudios (or search my email on there, so feel free to add me, and comment below if you'd like me to add you! :D

I won't have time to post another journal entry before I leave on Friday, as I'll be spending the next few days running around trying to organise everything, and no doubt after all my organising the taxi won't turn up, the flights will be cancelled and I'll have left my passport on the kitchen bench. No, wait, that all happened last time I went overseas. :iconblankstareplz:
At least my ear infection is gone, so I don't have to find out what happens to an ear infection in a pressurised plane cabin at 35,000 feet! Hooray!

So anyways! Now that I'm taking my laptop with me, I'll be able to chit chat with you all while I'm over there. <3
Bye guys! :heart:

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Sat Nov 17, 2012, 5:42 PM
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This is to let you all know that I have changed my name on here from horseland-graphics to erraticstudios.
I'm known as 'erratic' on all other websites (horseland, etc), so it made much more sense than horseland-graphics. :nod:

I'm going to need a new avatar now, since my old one has 'HG' on it. If anyone would be interested in making me a pixel avatar, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm sure I can find something to do for you in return. :3

Thanks guys ~

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Sat Nov 10, 2012, 3:30 PM
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Hello again all!
I just wanted to let everyone know the official dates I'll be away. I'll be unavailable from November 30th to January 6th. But most likely I'll be either rushing around like a chicken or completely zonked out from jetlag on the days either side of those, so take those dates with a grain of salt.
Any messages or notes you send me during this time most likely won't be answered until I return, so please keep this in mind. Also, I won't be taking any more art trades until I return (of course I'll finish current ones before I leave - that is, trades with 16Jasmine16 and Parallel-Skies). ;)

If I can, while I'm away I'll try and find somewhere with Wi-Fi and log in to say hi, and I'll do my best to log in on Christmas day and wish you all a merry Christmas. :heart: Who knows, maybe it'll snow in Paris and I'll have my first ever white Christmas! *fingerscrossed*

Now, more updates! I must thank Goosequillian for giving me a 1mth Premi - thankyou again! I'm also considering opening commissions - that is, paid commissions - for approx. $10-$15 each. I want to ask before I do, though; would anyone be interested in buying one if I did open them?


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It's been a while since I've written one of my long, opinionated journal entries. And I love writing them. So here's another!

I'm leaving for France soon, and as I was packing my suitcase (over 3 weeks early - you don't want to travel with me, I'm one of those over-organised people) I was thinking... how great would it be to be French? I've been there before and they've got it all. The pretty language, the lovely buildings, the allowance of fluffy dogs into restaurants and the magical ability to never get fat. Don't get me wrong, I like Australia. I think what I hate is the perception the world has of us.

So, here it is: Attention non-Australians. Forget everything you know about us. It is most likely wrong. We don't chill out on the top of Uluru/Ayers Rock on our fold-out deck chairs with a 6-pack of beers and a meat pie with our pet kangaroo hopping around us saying "Throw another shrimp on the barbie". I don't even eat shrimp. And until I was ten I was certain 'barbie' only referred to a doll, and I didn't understand how you could throw a shrimp on a doll.
So I don't like our accent and I don't like the stereotypes we get. I DO love the people - I think the whole world saw during some recent big disasters over the last decade or so, just how much we can band together when we need to. Even if you don't know the guy down the road from a bar of soap, if your street is destroyed in a flood, he'll be at your front door to help you clean up and all of a sudden he's your best friend.

However, I've always wanted to be British. Like, since I was a kid. It's the accent, I love the accent. But I notice there's sort of two British accents - the Jamie Oliver/David Beckham one that misses out half of every word ("Isn't it" becomes "Innit"), and then the more refined London accent that the Royals and the hosts of Topgear have all worked out. I like the second one, it's so classy. The problem is, I want that accent so much, sometimes I just do it. It just comes out. It's like my brain wants me to be British. I have a confession to make; when I'm nervous, I talk in another accent. Usually British... sometimes American.
I think even a Jamaican one came out once and I just had to roll with it for the rest of the conversation. I sounded like King Julian from the movie Madagascar. I hope I never have to see those people ever again.

I should probably just accept that I am 100% Australian (although apparently my great-great grandmother was Italian and my great-great grandfather was German... there's an excuse). Hey, I live in a country that has 1/13th of the population of the US (lolz you guys are crowded), lots of reefs and forests and biodiversity, lots of nice people and an excellent relationship with the 'mothership' countries of the world (US, China...). I'm not a 'true blue' Australian - I don't know the second verse of the national anthem (no-one does), I don't have a strong accent and I don't love summer. But, hey, I can always fake one of my many accents and pretend I'm British.

It's been a while since I've written one of my long, opinionated journal entries. And I love writing them. So here's another!

I'm leaving for France soon, and as I was packing my suitcase (over 3 weeks early - you don't want to travel with me, I'm one of those over-organised people) I was thinking... how great would it be to be French? I've been ther

Greetings, grasshoppers!

So, school is pretty much over for me. Year 12 officially ends on November 16, but I've finished all of my work, so technically it ends now. Technically. xD
I leave for France in four weeks (I'll be there until Jan 5), and I was thinking of maybe maybe perhaps possibly maybe doing an art trade or two before I leave. *rubs hands together with anticipation*

I'm discussing a trade with Lexi203, but I'd be open to a second trade. Thus, there is one more trade spot open: if you would be interested in this, please let me know via note or comment or whatever takes your fancy. I'll probably choose someone within a day or two. ;) 16Jasmine16 has got the trade spot ;)

Thanks guys! <3

Oh my goodness - it's been months and months since I last logged on here! I'm not sure what to say, apart from sorry - I kind of all of a sudden left you all without warning. I must apologise. Life got to me. I've had to leave most sites I was a member on, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to completely leave here. :3

So! Firstly, I want to thank you all for the bucket loads of birthday wishes I recieved in my inbox! I had a wonderful 17th birthday; I got a new coffee machine as a present (Nespresso Maestria: google it and drool), which is amazing so far! Unfortunately I don't have time to update you all on everything right now, I'll certainly do that soon though.

Next, art: as you may've noticed, I don't seem to create graphics anymore. Which is true. There's almost no way I can get back into the groove now after such a long and unexpected break, and also with the end of school in sight and University next year, I'll just be too busy. Thus, graphics are no longer as big a part of me as they once were. Now I'll still be active on here (hooray!), answering all your Photoshop and graphics-related questions instead. I may not be making graphics anymore but I do have years of knowledge, so ask away! I'll also be making up tutorials and things, and generally lurking. Think of me as like a super-wise really-chatty retired-graphics-maker: now I'm here to pass on everything I know to you little Grasshoppers. :3

I'll be updating my page tomorrow - my picture is seriously outdated, must put up a new one! I have a LOT of cleaning up to do regarding my gallery and everything - all my old works WILL of course stay, they'll just be shuffled around a bit.

That's all from me for now, I can't wait to talk to you all again! <3

So, here it is again. Valentine's Day. In my opinion, an unnecessary holiday. But I'm not in a relationship - therefore I'm one of those grouches who gets all cranky when they receive nothing in the mail and therefore take it out on the holiday itself. And I will do the exact same thing this year.

I can't even really give a proper definition as to what Valentine's Day is about. We just had Australia Day not long ago, and no-one could even tell the news reporter who surveyed people on the streets what Australia Day actually WAS. It's like when you ask people what Kim Kardashian actually does - people just stare at you like stunned mullets because they realise then and there that they actually don't know what she does.
For Australia Day, I thought it was something to do with Captain James Cook discovering this place - Wrong. But at least I wasn't as dodgy as one guy who said it had something to do with 'Jack Sparrow discovering Australia'. Dear God.

But I guess it doesn't matter if I can't technically define what Valentine's Day is actually about, right? Right. Because really it's just a day to spread the love. Whether it be with your partner, best friend, family, goldfish, etc. It's unfortunate that I have no-one to give me little heart-shaped chocolates and things, but seeing as I can't eat chocolate anyway, I don't think that would go down very well. It'd be kind of cruel to hand the chocolates back to the guy and say "Oh I can't eat chocolate... do you have any dried apricots instead?". How romantic!

I heard on the news that today is the #1 day in the world to make a proposal to that special someone. I suppose that's sweet, being proposed to on Valentine's Day. Tacky, but sweet. They even listed out on the news a whole bunch of proposal methods... I'm guessing they were just trying to suggest ways for guys to conveniently lose all their money, because these proposals were not cheap. At all. One was a man who lit up an entire skyscraper and all its windows with the words "Marry Me?". That's just precious and all, and if the girl says yes than everything is wonderful. But if she says no - well congratulations, you've lost $500,000, most of your dignity, and you've sucked up all of the electricity in the state. But there was simplicity in the list too. Like the one where the guy hid the ring inside a cake. That's a classic, but I see many, many pitfalls with it. What if the girl takes a chunk of the cake and swallows the ring? A trip to hospital with internal obstruction isn't exactly a dreamy proposal, now is it?
Another notable one was where a guy bought a Ferrari for his girlfriend, put a big bow on the top and wrote (yes, wrote, on a $400,000 car) "Will you marry me?" on the bonnet. I never heard what her reaction was. You all know how much I love cars so I would've probably fainted, after totally ignoring the proposal question and just screaming "Did you get the special brake package? With the chrome extras? And the sabbia leather? Did you? DID YOU!!???? ... By the way, I'd love to marry you.".
Now you see why I don't have a Valentine this year, yes?

Anyway, I have a point here. Why is it that for a proposal to be good it has to be fancy and over-the-top? I'm not saying a proposal in a storm-water gutter is nice, I'm just saying a normal proposal is fine. You know, propose at a nice restaurant (and the ring is in your pocket, NOT THE FOOD DAMMIT),  or on a boardwalk in the moonlight? These are all beautiful, simple, practical and despite being a bit cliché, they're still sweet as ever.

SO. If you're thinking of making a proposal this Valentine's Day, there's some ideas for you. I hope I haven't discouraged anyone - heck, if you want to light up a skyscraper or put jewellery in food go right ahead.

Last but not least, Let me know how your day goes, everyone; I hope you all get the chance the spend it with the ones you love! <3